Who We Are

Bob & Nancy ScottIn addition to theological training, Bob has two Masters Degrees in Psychology and Counseling and worked for several years as a therapist in Northern California before he and Nancy moved to the Middle East in 2000 to work with the international community as a psycho-therapeutically informed coach, educator, seminar presenter, and consultant in marriage and family life.

Core Coaching Skills GraduateNancy has a degree in Multicultural Studies and is a trained seminar presenter and debriefer.  She also has Intercultural Adjustment Coach certification and Life Coach training. Core Coaching Skills Graduate

Having lived in the Middle East for over ten years Bob and Nancy bring extensive global experience to the services they offer international personnel.  Together Bob and Nancy have wide-ranging skills providing consultation, coaching, teaching, trauma care, and crisis debriefing after both natural and man-made traumas and disasters to international personnel.  Bob and Nancy understand the stressors, needs, and issues faced by those working in international settings or serving those who do.  They are also leadership consultants, helping leaders develop community care policies and address community care issues as they arise on the field in addition to training other community care providers to care for international workers.

Bob and Nancy currently divide their time between the US and abroad.  While in the US they provide a full range of services to international personnel on site as well as internet-based services via Skype and email.  While overseas they provide seminars on interpersonal relationship and personal growth issues, as well as individual support through coaching and consultation.